Explore Unique Crafts, Get to Know Independent Artists During Baltimore Craft Week

Photo via Unsplash by Annie Spratt

Local and national artists are coming together for Baltimore Craft Week, an online marketplace that runs from April 12 to 18. This one-stop-shopping experience offers everyone a chance to discover unique finds while supporting independent crafters from Baltimore and across the country.

Explore original work from 200 artists including jewelry, clothing, pottery, hoop embroidery, glasswork, paintings and quilts. To help shoppers navigate through the diversity of products, the event offers curated collections featuring Baltimore-based work, emerging and established artists and crafters making their Baltimore Craft Week debut.

Participants will also get to peek behind the curtain with artist Q&A studio tours and time lapses showcasing the techniques and materials that go into making a product.

On Thursday, April 15, BmoreArt and the American Craft Council will host a virtual discussion on contemporary craft and the importance of living with handmade objects featuring Baltimore Craft Week artists Tracey Beale, Nikki Stokes and Jorgelina Lopez. More information is available on the Baltimore Craft Week website.

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