Thursday, June 1, 2023

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Trent Evans

New Chapter: Overcoming Mental Health Challenges of Retirement

Retirement is the proverbial goal post for many Americans, but what happens when you score? Many don’t anticipate the ways that retirement can negatively impact...
Santé: Giving Back for Kidney Disease fundraiser

Santé Fundraiser to Raise Funds for Kidney Disease Research and Treatment

Come out and support patient services, education and research by attending the National Kidney Foundation’s signature fundraiser Santé: Giving Back for Kidney Disease on...
Woman with gray hair jogging

Heart Health Improving and maintaining the health of your body's engine

Imagine you were getting your car tuned up for a long road trip: you’d add oil, washer fluid, coolant, maybe rotate or replace the...

Wendy Bronfein: Putting the ‘Can’ in Cannabis

Father and daughter—it’s what the name of Wendy Bronfein’s venture in Lutherville translates to—drawing on her own familial connection in starting her medical cannabis...

A New Era for Fitness

  New Year, new you? Fitness has traditionally been a marker of self-improvement for many as they navigate the first few months of a new...
A man does yoga.

Self Care for Men

As the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to be felt across the nation, many are experiencing waves of relief, foregoing masks in public...
Mental health graphic

Maintain Your Mental Health Ways to keep calm amid the chaos of life

  Navigating your mental health needs can be difficult, especially given the circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. But mental health experts agree that it’s an...

Aging Well Keswick tackles brain games, belly dancing and stereotypes

There was a popular meme that circulated after this year’s Super Bowl: Under the text, “50 years old in 1985,” there was a photo...
Brain Injury

Protecting Your Brain When Injury Strikes

  As the weather warms, we are venturing outdoors increasingly, toward sports fields, bike paths and the open road. With our ever-increasing time spent outside...

Beauty Explorer: Bolder Brows for Spring If you’re tired of tweezers, try these four...

Now that face masks are the new normal, it’s more important than ever to make sure your eyebrows are looking good. A new brow...