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Beauty & Health

Read up on the latest beauty trends and health news.

one family's 2020 story

One Family’s 2020 Story

In April, Dr. Kevin Carr, a hospitalist at Adfinitas Health, wasn’t surprised he was feeling a little worn out. The Washington County hospital where he worked hadn’t been particularly hard hit by the COVID-19 crisis—only around five to seven COVID-19 patients had presented by mid-April. But doctors and medical staff …

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How we get self-care wrong

How We Get Self-Care Wrong

If one more person tells me I need to “fill my cup” in the interest of self-care, I’m going to hotbox them in a meat locker. With lots and lots of aged meats. Stop telling me to get a massage. I don’t want a facial or a pedicure. I might …

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telepsychiatry explained

Telepsychiatry Explained

I first met a patient I will call Madison during a virtual consultation. Madison had been struggling with depression for many years but had never been referred for treatment. Following her virtual consult, we brought her in for evaluation. We realized she needed a higher level of care and admitted …

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5 Signs of Burnout

Burnout is one of those road hazards in life that we often never see coming. We work long hours, take on extreme workloads and put enormous pressure on ourselves to excel, and (*surprise*) this makes us perfect candidates for burnout.  A recent Gallup study of roughly 7,500 full-time employees reported that …

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A 2020 Reboot

A 2020 Reboot

This year brought us a public health crisis, economic woes, social upheaval and enough change to take us through the next decade. Hello, 2020. What a sucker punch you’ve been. And now that we’re nearly halfway through, now what? Do we brace ourselves for more turmoil, more change? Or do …

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