Baltimore Coffee Shops Serve Up Fun Fall Flavors

Ceremony coffee fall flavors
Photo courtesy of Ceremony Coffee

With everything that’s been going on in the world, we could all use a little autumnal comfort. The coffee and doughnut chains have launched their fall drinks and foods early, but what are Baltimore-area coffee shops planning for the season?


Artifact Coffee

Like most cafes that source local, Artifact Coffee is at the whim of the weather.

“We choose to source as locally as possible because we think it’s the most sustainable way to support the incredible producers of the Chesapeake, as well as nourish our community,” says Sarah Payne, general manager.

Artifact sources products as much as possible from within the region, from grains, dairy and meat to fish and salt. While Artifact Coffee has many plans for the fall season, staff have to wait until the flavors are ready to harvest.

The main exception is coffee beans, sourced from Small Plans, a roaster based in Washington, D.C.

“Coffee is a great builder of community and we think it’s important,” Payne explains. “Since there is nothing really similar to coffee that is grown near us, we’ve chosen to partner with a roaster that has the same ethos of care and community behind their sourcing.”

And when the produce is available, customers can expect some delectable drinks including a maple latte spiced with local fish pepper, a spicy mocha and golden milk made with fresh ginger and turmeric that is processed and ground, then sweetened with maple.

Ginger, which typically comes in around September, is the spice of choice for giving drinks that extra kick.

“We’ll probably have some more options like a mocha chai latte, but it all depends on the produce we get this year,” Payne explains.

For food, Artifact Coffee hopes to feature wholesome, homey dishes such as roasted veggie tarts, ratatouille and an ode to fall pizza. Keep an eye on the menu to see what they’re inspired to cook up.

For food and drink updates, as well as gorgeous pictures of their products, follow them on Instagram @artifactcoffee.


Pitango Bakery + Café

Pitango might be best known for its gelato, but the bakery and café is stirring up (and baking up) some can’t-miss fall treats.

Born in Israel and raised by Italian parents, owner Noah Dan spent his childhood summers in Italy, where his romanticization of food was born. Inspired by the traditional hot chocolate served in the cafes of Turin, Italy, Dan decided to create his own sipping hot chocolate, an offering which will launch in October.

Pitango fall flavors
Photo provided by Katie Beecher

Made with milk, sugar and Apurimac chocolate from Peru, this decadent, rich hot chocolate is created specifically for relaxing and savoring. Blend a shot of espresso with it and enjoy a delicious, comforting mocha.

On the pastry side, Pitango plans to serve artisanal apple, cranberry and pear tarts, as well as house-made apple, pecan and pumpkin pies. All the produce is sourced locally, and you can order a pie ahead of time to serve as a delectable holiday treat.

And don’t forget to try many other baked goods, including the focaccia bread, classic baguette and Country Sourdough Loaf, baked daily in-house.

For a wholesome snack, Pitango’s biscuits made with parsley, Parmesan and garlic, as well as asiago and rosemary, are the perfect savory treat for fall. And, of course, don’t overlook the croissants for every taste bud from classic and multigrain to ham and cheese, and au chocolat.

Looking for something light and sweet? Pitango’s signature “cruffins” are the ideal pastry for any time of year. A cross between a croissant and muffin, this flaky cruffin is filled with mouthwatering vanilla bean cream and dusted with powdered sugar. One bite, and you’ll be hooked.

For pictures that will make you crave a coffee and a cruffin, follow them on Instagram @pitango_bakery_cafe as well as the main Instagram @pitangogelato for videos of freshly spun gelato.


Ceremony Coffee Roasters

With fall in place, customers are already clamoring for Ceremony Coffee’s signature hot chocolate, made with shaved dark chocolate, brown sugar, cocoa, vanilla and sea salt. For a little pick-me-up, customers can add espresso to the hot chocolate and turn it into a fancy mocha.

As an added treat for the kids, Ceremony Coffee will be rolling out its spiced cider over the next few weeks.

According to Erin Deale, regional retail manager, Ceremony is most excited for two fall-inspired drinks created by its staff as part of the signature beverage competition held every season. This competition allows staff members to burst open their creative side and design a brand new drink recipe that, if chosen, is featured on the menu for the entire season.

This fall’s winners are a Browned Sugar Pumpkin Latte created by Anna Stouffer, and a Salty Maple Mocha designed by Nicki Seibert.

Ceremony Coffee Fall flavors
Photo provided by Ceremony Coffee

Stouffer, a barista at the Whitehall Mill café, started working at Ceremony in June and used her background in chemistry, as well as her love of food and flavor, to create her own take on a pumpkin-spiced latte.

Made with oat milk, roasted sugar and pumpkin sauce, and topped with a house-made pumpkin pie spice, this hearty beverage truly smells and tastes like a homemade pumpkin pie. What’s more, it’s vegan friendly.

Ceremony coffee browned sugar pumpkin latte
Photo provided by Ceremony Coffee

“I was so excited and happy when I found out I won,” says Stouffer, who’s already planning her winter season submission. “I love seeing it on the menu and it’s so fun to see Ceremony post the latte on Instagram.”

Seibert, described as a “flavor wizard” by Deale, is a shift a leader at Harbor Point café and a three-time competition winner.

Her menu feature this season is a unique fall spin on a salted caramel mocha, made with salted maple syrup and mocha mixed into a latte and dusted with a smoked sea salt sugar.

“I originally tried to do a salted caramel drink because that’s my favorite fall combination, but I ended up burning the caramel really badly,” she recalls with a laugh. “So I got the idea to use maple syrup instead and thought, ‘Well, if this works, it’s either going to be really good or really awful.’”

Obviously it was good enough to win over the judges, and Seibert is excited to be able to share her signature drink with people throughout Maryland.

Winners receive financial compensation with each drink sold. Enjoy a delectable drink while supporting these burgeoning coffee connoisseurs.

For those who aren’t comfortable with coming in the store, or want to have café-quality coffee at home, Ceremony is still offering the Massives drink line. These 64-ounce milk jugs contain eight servings of coffee and are available to order in store or through Ceremony’s mobile app.

Choose from among eight options, including lattes, mochas, a macha latte, a chai latte with whole or oat milk, or a regular cold brew concentrate. Heat them up or pour them over ice for a super simple and delicious brew.

For menu updates and aesthetically pleasing pictures of lattes, follow Ceremony Coffee on Instagram @ceremonycoffee.

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