Must-Have Summer Accessories

must-have summer accessories
Photo courtesy of Etsy artist Natalie Komisarova at KRASAshopcom

Now that we can leave the house, there are three must-have summer accessories that we absolutely must wear when we pick up that cocktail-to-go, or head over to that socially distant garden party. Here they are:

Baguette bags are back!

The ’90s have proven to be a timeless period for fashion as more and more ’90s fashion trends become popularized in the modern day. Go figure. The latest? Baguette bags.

Originally created by companies such as Fendi, the baguette bag was big in the late 20th century and early 2000s. So, where can you get yours? There are several companies you can purchase from. From as low as $8 from fast fashion company, SHEIN, to nearly $4,000 from Fendi.

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Dainty gold pieces

This summer is all about the delicate gold pieces when it comes to jewelry. Whether they are thin chains or small rings with a statement, the golden years have arrived. And don’t be afraid to layer: Check out this layered necklace from Gorjana Jewelry ($108). For other options, check out sites such as SHEIN, Amazon or Bloomingdale’s.

Scarves? Yes, please!

Summer may not be the first season that pops in mind when someone says “scarves,” but trust me on this one. Larger, patterned scarves are making a splash this season. Use them to tie up your hair or create the ultimate summer top—they are proving to be multifunctional in the fashion world. Better yet, they are one of the more affordable accessories. Check out Fashion Nova or Etsy for some great finds.

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