Inside This Designer’s Closet


Lana Rae, founder of Three Twenty One fashion, walks us through her wardrobe as we peek inside this designer’s closet. Check out the looks.

Lana Rae, Three Twenty One

Tagline: Treat Yo Self.

“As women especially, we tend to put others before ourselves. We’re natural caregivers. This is a reminder to not forget to treat yourself, because you deserve it as well. I think the power of a new outfit is underrated. It truly makes you feel good about yourself, and that feeling is contagious.”

Inside This Designer's Closet
Photo: Razaaq Manley

Want to find read more? Lana Rae is featured in our July/August digital issue, along with Keresse Dorcely, founder of SIX/20.

Keresse Dorcely, SIX/20

Tagline: We don’t just want to be part of your very special day, we want to be part of your everyday.

“I want my customers to know that they are perfect just as they are. SIX/20 is meant to complement every woman and her curves in all their glory.”

Find out how Keresse Dorcely got started.

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