Gunther & Co. Marks Five-Year Anniversary

Gunther & Co. Marks Five-Year Anniversary
Photo by Justin Tsucalas of Plaid Photo

After more than a year of opening and reopening, Gunther and Co. is slowly but surely getting back into the swing of service. The modern American restaurant recently celebrated its fifth anniversary, an achievement for which all staff members take the credit for getting Gunther and Co. through the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Our staff and the culture at our restaurant were something that we always clung to, especially now more than ever,” says Nancy Hart Trice, the company’s co-owner and director of operations. “We have an incredible core team that is dedicated to making our vision happen, and we rely on them with every shred of our being.”

Along with mouthwatering brunches, guests can expect to find the same fresh, high-quality dishes from the Brewers Hill eatery, from wood-oven roasted oysters and flatbread to the specialty Thai seafood hot pot and tea-smoked duck breast.

“Pretty much everything is made in house, including our ice cream, burger buns and brunch biscuits,” says Jerry Trice, co-owner and executive chef. “We source a lot of our ingredients from local farms that bring in these pristine products, and I want to present them that way. There’s not a lot of manipulation on the plate—we’re just enhancing the food that’s there.”

Before the pandemic, the restaurant would often hold events such as weddings, baby showers, rehearsal dinners and birthdays. Both Nancy and Jerry are looking forward to getting back to hosting these events.

“It’s wonderful to be part of these celebrations where multiple generations are getting together for the first time in so long,” says Nancy. “We recently hosted a full-blown wedding with no masks, and it truly felt like old times.”

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