An Inviting Bedroom Sanctuary

Rachel Gill sanctuary design
An inviting bedroom sanctuary maximizes natural light with a neutral palette. | Photo: David Stuck


As Coral Pross lay in bed for several days last year battling COVID-19, she started to look around her large bedroom and realized that she hadn’t spent any time or energy to decorate this particular space since moving into her home. When she recovered, she decided to make the room a priority and immediately began ridding her dated decor by using Facebook Marketplace and donating what was left.

Rachel Gill sanctuary bedroom design layering
Cozy nooks with layering lend touches of warmth throughout the room | Photo: David Stuck

Coral is a busy mom and runs a thriving charcuterie business, Coral’s Charcuterie & Cheese. Her goals were clear: She wanted an inviting sanctuary for her and her husband to retreat to at the end of their busy days and a space to reflect their style and flow with the updates they made previously to their home’s main living areas.

We started by connecting Coral with Lesley Drane of Clean Lines Organizing & Design to help her pare down her closet and create a closet organizing system to house Coral’s favorite shoes, handbags and accessories. Using a mostly neutral palette, we decided to keep the design fairly minimal while still giving it a cozy, luxe feeling by layering rugs, upholstery and plush bedding. This transformation was exactly what Coral was looking for.

“Rachel has an impeccable eye for design and knew she could help me create the bedroom sanctuary of my dreams,” Pross says. “I was drowning in my old space, and we worked together to create a space that was modern, clean and functional. It was a dream!”

Rachel Gill is the owner and principal designer of Rachel Gill Design, a boutique full-service design studio based in Harford County. Find her on Instagram at @rachelgilldesign.


Rachel Gill sanctuary bedroom design minimal
Minimal decor creates a cozy, luxe feeling. | Photo: David Stuck


Rachel Gill sanctuary closet organizer
A closet organizing system courtesy of Clean Lines Organizing & Design keeps wardrobe and accessories in order. | Photo: David Stuck


In The Details

Bed & Lamps: Pottery Barn
Bedside Mirrors: West Elm
Chandelier: Arhaus
Large Mirror: Wayfair
Nightstands and Bench: To-the-trade sources

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