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Lindsay VanAsdalan

Route One Apparel Designs Merch for World-renowned Maryland 5 Star The equestrian competition is one of two in the country and one of seven in the world.

Maryland 5 Star test event spring 2021

    Maryland’s equestrian history will soon be a little bit richer with Maryland 5 Star, and the chance to partner with a local business for the occasion could not be ignored. Terry Hasseltine, president of the Sport and Entertainment Corporation of Maryland and Maryland Sports—a commission that brings in …

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Columbia’s Long Reach Village Celebrates 50 Years One of the oldest villages in Columbia is celebrated for its arts, culture and staying power

Long Reach Village—the largest and one of the oldest villages in Columbia, Maryland—will celebrate 50 years next Friday. “Columbia is a little over 50 years old itself,” says Robert Neal Marshall, executive director of the Columbia Festival of the Arts, which means this village goes back to its roots. Including …

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Girlhero Champions Style, Self-Expression for the Modern Teen Wee Chic Boutique's Bridget Stickline's opens new store in Green Spring Station

Girlhero friendship bracelet

  Bridget Stickline says that when her daughter Elle was young, she had a name for the strong, independent girls they encountered in literature: girlhero. Now she owns a store by the same name in Greenspring Station—an effort to embody that confident, feminine energy through style and self-expression. Girlhero, at …

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The Red Devils Raises Money for Breast Cancer Through ‘The Good Life’ About 50 experiences aiming to enrich quality of life are available virtually and in person


  The Red Devils has long been committed to improving the quality of life of breast cancer patients through affordable treatment and support services. Now the Baltimore-based nonprofit is encouraging everyone to go for a better quality of life—aka “The Good Life”—in an inaugural online fundraiser running from Friday, Oct. …

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