Restart: Mary Hastler


As the world moves toward recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, we asked people in our community about a time they started over or started again.  How did they recover and re-energize themselves in those situations? Over the next several weeks, we will share the stories of their #restart.

Mary Hastler, CEO, Harford County Public Library

Restart: Mary Hastler
Photo: Midatlantic Photography

As an optimist, I see every day as an opportunity for a fresh start. My professional journey has been full of twists and turns. I was in a health care administration position that provided the opportunity for me to demonstrate the advanced learning acquired by a graduate degree. It was a terrific job to have while raising my family.

However, the delivery of health care services was undergoing a radical change. I began to question my career and chosen profession. In addition, giving back to my community is important to me, and I was feeling that this was not happening in a meaningful way.

I volunteered at the local library system and eventually applied for a nine-hour-a-week job. That’s where I discovered my true passion for public libraries.

“I see every day as an opportunity for a fresh start.”

Eventually my part-time position evolved into full time. I returned to school and earned a second graduate degree in library science from the University of Maryland College Park. In 2010 I was appointed Harford County Public Library director/CEO, and it was all because I decided to make a fresh start those so many years ago.

Life is short, but we get to decide how to spend the precious 1,440 minutes we are given each day.

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