Party Punches A Toast to the Happy Couple!


Planning is stressful. Whether it is a party, shower or wedding, the devil is in the never-ending details. Many couples say, after choosing a venue, the most labored portion of planning their big day is deciding on the food and beverage options. Stress no more, friends. In this less-is-more guide we have three party punches to take you from start to finish of any celebration or soiree.

Spirit of Love Sangria

Credit: Ginny Lawhorn

6 liters either of house wine cabernet sauvignon or house wine sauvignon blanc
1¾ liters soda water
1 liter lemon-lime soda
1 liter Giffard Apricot Brandy
½ liter Giffard Pomegranate Liqueur
½ liter Simply Lemonade
3 cups mixed fruit

Add all ingredients except carbonated items together in a 3-gallon or larger beverage dispenser and stir well. Top with mixed fruit. Refrigerate for at least 12 hours. Immediately before serving, add soda water and lemon-lime and stir gently.

This versatile build is equally enjoyable using a red or white wine base. It yields 3 gallons, providing approximately 60 6-ounce servings after accounting for fruit displacement.

Sangria is a malleable beverage option. It provides the opportunity to tie in a seasonal element, such as berries and edible flowers in the summer or apples, pomegranates and figs in the fall. Couples may also highlight wines important to them by featuring a variety from their home state(s) or wine they have enjoyed on a significant date.

A Perfect Match

Credit: Ginny Lawhorn

An alternative to the crowds and considerations that come with full-bar service is a signature cocktail or grab-and-go station. Here we have an easygoing vodka soda along with a gin and tonic accompanied by a DIY garnish station.

Allow your guests to mingle while topping off their cocktail of a choice with fresh ingredients.

Love Is a Brewing: Coffee Station

Credit: Ginny Lawhorn

Coffee is a universal language. How many relationships can be traced back to a simple “meet me for coffee?” A lovely countertop station or an elegant catered coffee cart leaves your guests in control of their caffeine level and desire to enjoy a cozy closing cocktail. Small bags of coffee from your favorite roastery or café make for lovely favors and maybe immediately put to use the morning after an unforgettable celebration.

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