Know You’re Enough, Know When You’ve Had Enough Baltimore native Anna Larimore uses podcast to empower women to rediscover their worth, set boundaries in their lives

The Enough Podcast
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During the two summers that Baltimore native Anna Larimore spent studying abroad and interning in Cape Town, South Africa, while attending college, she got an idea for creating a platform designed to empower women. The company for whom she was interning had her get certified in leadership studies, which sparked her interest and passion for leadership and professional and personal development.

Feeling inspired and invigorated to become her best self, Larimore decided she wanted to create a program similar to the one she experienced abroad, but addressed to young women specifically.

Unfortunately, since Larimore was only in her early 20s, still in school and had no capital, the idea sat idle in the notes section of her phone for years.

After she graduated from college with a degree in journalism, the idea became tangible.

“I was selling copiers and was totally unfulfilled,” Larimore recalls. “Then I started dating someone and it turned into a toxic, rock-bottom relationship for me. Everything in my life started to spiral.”

Coming out of the relationship, she says she felt like what Brené Brown refers to as a “vulnerability hangover,” an overwhelming feeling of fear and uncertainty that comes when people decide to get real about who they are and what they want.

“It wasn’t heartbreak or sadness. It was ‘What the heck just happened?’” Larimore says.

She began searching for resources that helped young women in abusive or toxic relationships but couldn’t find any. She decided to create a podcast and become the resource she would have wanted for herself.

Larimore pitched the podcast idea to Freedom Digital Media, a Baltimore-based video production company that immediately agreed to work with her.

“They took a huge chance on me,” Larimore says. “I was a 23-year-old girl pitching a podcast project to a company that primarily works in film and photography.”

Enough Is Enough

The Enough Podcast Anna
Photo by Erika Medlin

In May 2019, Larimore, now 26, officially launched The Enough Podcast, a platform devoted to “helping the modern millennial woman rediscover her worth and identify her boundaries in business, relationships, friendships and more.”

Along with talking about her own healing journey, Larimore touches on everything from business and entrepreneurship to passions, travel and reality television.

The podcast also hosts various guests from female entrepreneurs and creatives to TV show personalities and mental health experts, including Larimore’s own life coach, Lindsey Ellison.

“I chose to call it The Enough Podcast because when I was in that experience I didn’t have money or a career direction. I gained weight and my self-esteem was completely destroyed,” Larimore says. “I realized I had finally had enough and I realized that I had never felt like I was enough.”

For Larimore, the healing process embodies every part of her life, and she seeks to help listeners understand what self-worth and boundaries are, how they’re connected and why the correlation between the two is important for the direction of everything in life.

“You’re never going to start setting boundaries if you don’t feel like enough and that’s one of the reasons an abusive partner is attracted to you in the first place,” she explains. “Being abused is never your fault, but equipping yourself with healthy boundaries will make you less likely to fall into that trap.”

According to Larimore, one of the most important areas in which people should educate themselves is identifying red flags and abusive behaviors, whether it be in partners, friends or family members. Often, people don’t even realize they’re experiencing abuse.

“When you’re in a toxic relationship, you wonder if it’s in fact toxic or if you’re the problem,” she says. “It’s important to recognize that questioning your own reality is in and of itself a tactic a partner uses to control or manipulate someone. Lean into your discomfort and trust your gut.”

Healing Herself While Healing Others

Since launching, the podcast has been featured on iTunes’ New and Noteworthy List. Responses have poured in. Audiences thank her for creating the podcast as well as sharing their own stories and telling her how the podcast inspired them to create changes in their own lives.

“People have told me they want to leave their partners, cut ties with toxic family members or start new jobs,” Larimore says, “and I want them to feel encouraged to share what they’ve learned with others.”

On The Enough Podcast, Larimore values honesty and vulnerability, which has helped her heal while healing others at the same time. While she doesn’t believe people are projects to be worked on, she thinks that we can change how receptive we are to good things in our lives.

“I want people to ask: ‘Am I safe, healthy and happy?’ And if you’re not, you have the power to take steps to change that,” Larimore says.

Since coming out of her “vulnerability hangover,” Larimore has built up her confidence, now works full time in advertising for a Maryland newspaper and part time as a skincare consultant at Sephora. In addition, she has traveled and found love with an amazing man.

“I’m in the best place in my life than I’ve ever been in,” she says, “but that doesn’t mean I’m any more worthy of life, money, a career or a home than I was four years ago.”

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