8 Creative Ways To Give Thanks This Year


Now that the start of a new year is almost upon us, it’s all too easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life without taking the time to reflect on all we’re thankful for. But we should. We all lead busy lives, but we also know that giving thanks shouldn’t be confined to just one season or even one day. So here are some ways we can still show gratitude before the year is up and into the year ahead.

Firstly, Check-In With Yourself

To experience a broader sense of gratitude, you must first be aware of your current thoughts and emotions. You can’t always control the negative feelings and thoughts that arise, but you can manage your reaction to them by showing gratitude and thanks for all the good in your life.

Write Thank You Notes

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If you’re looking for the perfect excuse to dig out your prettiest stationery and practice your calligraphy, this is it.  Few gestures express gratitude as much as a personal note. Take a few minutes to write out why you’re grateful for the people in your life. It could be your significant other, siblings, parents, friends, as well as people who may not expect to hear from you like a co-worker or mentor.

Honor People with Your Time

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We have limited and precious time in our lives. So, it’s up to us to spend that time wisely. Visit those special people in your life and value the time that you spend together.

Frame a Memory

A sweet way to thank that special someone—perhaps a significant other, godparent or an old college roommate—is to print out a favorite photo of the two of you and gift it to them. It will be something they can cherish forever and they will always remember you in a positive light every time they see it.

Leave Glowing Reviews 

In our digital age, online reviews can mean the world to all types of businesses. Take the time to leave positive feedback for the new restaurant on the corner you tried and loved, the dentist’s office you’ve been visiting for years, the coffee shop with the staff that always remembers your usual, and the hairstylist who consistently makes you feel amazing and beautiful. This is your chance to get fun and creative. Not only can your kind words make someone’s day, but you’ll also be helping people in your community. It’s a win-win.

Donate To Some of Your Favorite Organizations/Charities

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Consider donating to one of your favorite organizations that promotes your values and missions. Or choose to volunteer. Any effort will be appreciated.

Pay It Forward

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Not all of us are fortunate, and sadly this time of year can be a tough time for people. But, sometimes all it takes is doing something nice for a stranger to pay it forward. How can you do this? The next time you’re in line for coffee, buy the person’s drink behind you. Or, maybe you can participate in a citywide cleanup day or run for a good cause. No matter what, you’ll spread kindness and ignite a positive chain reaction.

Lastly, Reflect on your Day

Having a nighttime gratitude practice is equally valid. This is because actively reflecting on your thoughts and experiences from the day gives you space to find the positives.

So what are you thankful for and how do you show it?

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