Patch Work A beautiful beauty reporter looks into the latest nonsurgical therapy to revive her aging eyes.


My dark eyes are my favorite feature, so as I’ve aged I’ve babied them with every new miracle cream I can get my hands on. When I heard about dEp Eye Patch Technology, a new noninvasive method of delivering highly potent Liquid Gold Vitamin C+ infusing serum into the skin surrounding the eye, I didn’t blink. As you’ve no doubt noticed, this difficult area is prone to dark circles, wrinkles, age spots, dehydration and dryness due to aging. dEp promises to promote collagen, moisturize, brighten and tighten skin as well as reduce fine wrinkles. “We’ll see,” I tell my husband, who gives me a sweet but skeptical wink.

How It Works: Each eye patch contains a tiny battery. Once activated by a gentle press of a finger, it emits a low electrical current that enables 300 percent more penetration of the Liquid Gold serum into the epidermis than topical application alone. (Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that works beneath the skin’s surface.  No more than five percent of creams penetrate the outermost layer of the skin.)

The Experience: Though I arrive at Spa in the Valley feeling semi-cynical, I’ll try anything if it means turning back the clock without getting near a scalpel. After a double cleansing of my face and décolletage, Barbara DeAngelis, anti-aging specialist, demonstrates how to apply the serum and reusable leopard-print patches, which are actually pretty cute. Once the serum is applied and patches placed under each eye, I feel a tingling sensation. No pain, just tingles. At first the sensation feels weird, but I tell myself this buzz is fairy dust working its magic—hey, it’s better than contemplating a battery pulsating under each eye.

While the patches are doing their thing, the lovely spa pampering begins. DeAngelis applies an Eminénce Yam & Pumpkin peel to my neck and décolletage. She massages my hands and arms—warm mitts keep me cozy. After the exfoliation treatment, she applies a customized apricot and grapefruit mask to hydrate and tighten my skin.

While the mask is at work, DeAngelis massages my feet and wraps them in hot towels. She tucks a warm, comfy bootie onto each foot. I fight the urge to fall asleep; I don’t want to miss a moment of such hedonistic pleasure. After she removes the second mask, she massages Hibiscus Ultra Lift Neck Cream into my neck and décolletage. After 40 minutes, it’s time for the eye patches to come off. Then DeAngelis applies lightening cream under each eye.

The Mirror Test: I see a real difference. Dark circles look lighter; wrinkles lessened. More importantly, my husband sees the difference, too. He gives it two thumbs up—the best endorsement, since he usually rolls his eyes after my anti-aging experiments.

Cost: $188; 45-minute treatment and take home kit for eight to 10 additional uses. Price includes full use of spa facilities—eucalyptus-scented steam room, sauna, six-headed Swedish shower, relaxation lounge stocked with assorted Aveda and Dermalogica products, plus tea bar and bowlfuls of mini biscotti. Next time, I think I  may just spend the laidback day.

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