Steal of the Month: Va-Va-Va-AVAM! The American Visionary Art Museum is, to artistically inclined buyers, what Filene’s Basement is to your Aunt Fran!


Cultured capitalists, now hear this! There is no better, more affordable, more miraculously neat and quirky—and aesthetically satisfying—shopping than the ferociously full-bodied, entirely intoxicating stock at the American Visionary Art Museum gift shop, run by the total sweetheart Ted Frankel (who gave me the members’ discount when I holiday-pillaged a few weeks ago).

As we introduce our new regular Steal of the Month posts—in which we’ll suggest a great buy for your mind, your bod, your budget—I’m pleased as psychedelic punch to highlight the lovely $7 green, gold-studded beads I bought at the museum last fall. I know, I know, (through no contribution of my own) they’re simply phenomenal—and freaky expensive-looking, right? Each time I wear them someone new (and often fancy) comments: “Great necklace.”

But let’s not forget the amazing cocktail rings I’ve gifted so many ($2 each), the studded gold necklace I wear when I want to look sexy and professional ($3.50 on 50-percent sale), the unforgettable newspaper-constructed Christmas ornaments I awarded close friends ($1 each, I humbly submit) and the exceptional outsider artwork I bought for my father and my dear childhood friend for reveal on 12/25 (the two pieces totaled under $100).

In short: Get thee to the AVAM gift shop—tell them STYLE sent you!


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