Mind-fall-ness How to find peace and take care of yourself during the change of seasons.



Hey, savvy self-care babes! Happy end-of-August. Are you drinking water? Staying in the shade? Taking naps? Catching up on a T.V. show or reading a book that’s been on your list for awhile? Enjoy these last few weeks of true summertime!

As we conclude a season and look forward to the next, it’s important to acknowledge and indulge your needs during the transition. Whether that means buying a new pack of pens for the school year or booking a therapy appointment, never forget to take care of yourself. Ahead, a few more ways to start your fall feeling fresh.

F E E D  Y O U R  S P I R I T

It might sound cheesy, but you are a force, and so is your body. There may be some (or a lot) of people out there telling you otherwise, but do your best to ignore them and focus on this: No matter your identification, your color, your age, your size, your body’s abilities and limitations or pains,  if you’re reading this, your body is functioning—and that’s amazing. Take a moment to close your eyes and imagine those hardworking cells riding the currents of your pumping blood, or grab your journal (or your phone’s Notes app) and write 10 things you love about your body. Take inventory of your greatness, and read it often—you deserve it.

F E E D  Y O U R  S W A G G E R

Ann Marie Brokmeier, a Baltimore-based self-care advocate (among many other tremendous identities) is hosting a “DIY Self-Care Boxes” workshop in partnership with Red Emma’s on Sunday, September 4, at the Baltimore Free School. As Ann Marie mentions in the course description, the workplace can be hella stressful—so take some time to go to the workshop, be with your community and make a fabulous box of items that will bring you peace, joy and a boost of confidence during those rat-race days. Can’t make it to the workshop? Find an old shoebox and fill it with things that you love. (What’s in my Self-Care Box?  Tea, a notebook filled with favorite quotes, a picture of my niece and nephew, a crystal, and sandalwood essential oil.)

F E E D  O T H E R S

Do you run? Walk? Receive piggyback rides from friends? Check out the Charity Miles app. It tracks your distance (even if it’s just the trek from your cubicle to the bathroom!), converts it to monetary donations provided by outside donors and puts it toward the charity of your choice from the list. Movement is good. Movement that helps do good is even better.

P.S. I realize not all of us can walk and/or run. If that’s the case, check out Achilles International, an organization that provides disabled members of our community opportunities to participate in running events.


FINAL THOUGHT: This month I quote a goddess of a friend, Amanda Porter, who wisely recommends the following:  “Don’t do anything you don’t want to do.” Would you rather stay in on a Friday night instead of going to the bars? Stay in. Feeling overwhelmed and don’t want to take leadership on a work project? Decline. While saying yes and being uncomfortable is important for growth, saying no can be too.


Trust your gut and take good (self) care,


Please email me freely at [email protected]. I’d love to receive your suggestions, comments, and/or questions.

Image courtesy of Mary Adelle’s Instagram.


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