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Guys, if you’ve never tried a yoga class, chances are it’s due to a myth. Like you don’t think you’re flexible enough. (Exactly why you need yoga.) Or you believe it’s not a good workout. (Stop right now and Google “side crow pose.”) Or maybe you’re worried you’ll feel like a creeper in a room filled with Spandex-clad women. We hear you—and so do these local studios that have created specialty classes just for mankind.

YOGA FOR MEN. This six-week course taught by a mortal with XY chromosomes (Ryan Sansing) focuses on flexibility where guys need it most, along with building strength and reducing stress. Sansing aims “to create a non-competitive atmosphere for growth” so students can reach their full potential for both power and sensitivity. $60 per session (or $15 drop-in) at Baltimore Yoga Village in Mount Washington.

STIFF GUYS YOGA. Instructor (and avid runner, swimmer, cyclist) Paul Shapiro designed this class for active men with tight hamstrings from their standard sports routines—with an eye toward improving functional fitness. Hey, it might even help your golf swing. $50 for a 10-class pass (or $10 drop-in) at Yoga on York in Timonium.

Just promise us this: Once you feel comfy in your own skin (and Lululemon junk-controlling shorts), pop into a coed class. As our friend Changa Bell from Sunlight and Yoga says, every human being has both masculine and feminine energy—and that gives each class a cool vibration. And if you’re worried about looking silly…or looking anywhere for that matter…keep your eyeballs on the prize (your fitter, more self-actualized self) and strut into beginner-friendly M.Power Yoga owned by two cool bros—The Herd Brothers—who even offer classes with live music. Jam on, man.

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