Sweet Rides Going through a midlife crisis? These luxury cars are sure to soothe any man experiencing that 40s or 50s freakout.


Mercedes-AMG GT S

Engine: 503-hp 4.0L V8 biturbo
MPG: 16/22
Price: $150,000

The Sales Pitch: “This two-door coupe is a very low-supply, high-demand car, built on a history of racing cars. It’s definitely going to turn some heads. Since it’s not on the inexpensive side, there are going to be a lot of guys out there who would dream about having it. If somebody wanted to buy a car that could change their lifestyle, this would be the ideal option.” —Rick Astaria, general manager at Mercedes-Benz of Owings Mills

Volkswagen Golf R

Engine: 292-hp Turbo 2.0T 4-cyl
MPG: 23 city/30 highway
Price: $36,595

The Sales Pitch: “Perfect for the guy who wants to have fun but fly under the radar, the Golf R is an all-out performance car that’s sensible yet satisfies long-forgotten teenage instincts. It doesn’t make a lot of noise or scream, ‘Hey, look at me!’ but says you know what you’re doing. It has lapped the famed Nurburgring in 8:15, but carries groceries, hauls your mountain bike and will get the kids to lacrosse practice with all their gear.” —Ashton Menefee, director of business development at Valley Motors

Porsche 911 Carrera S Cabriolet

Engine: 400-hp 3.8L 6-cylinder
MPG: 19/27
Price: $110,800

The Sales Pitch: ”The Porsche mystique is the way it sounds when you start it and the way it drives. We get men from all different backgrounds who buy Porsches now because it’s a car from their childhood. I equate it to the poster on every little boy’s bedroom wall. I equate it to ‘Risky Business.’ It’s the iconic, all-encompassing sports car. Most kids don’t want a Ferrari. They want a Porsche. Porsche screams ‘I’ve arrived. Envy me.’” —Frank Greenstein, pre-owned and finance manager at Len Stoler Porsche Team

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