Chef for a Day



Daytime fave at Dovecote.

Aisha Pew, owner of Dovecote Café, realized her business model—closing her savory breakfast/lunch spot daily by 3:30 p.m.—left her kitchen underused. Then, a lightbulb: “How cool would it be to allow all these local chefs, who, for whatever reason, [can’t land in a restaurant], to come into this space and completely take over?” Pew thought. Launched in March—when private chef Heather Smith served a five-course feast—the Chef Takeover Series invites talented area chefs to come in on the second Sunday of the month and create the dining experience of their dreams, from menu to décor. May’s scheduled chef—Pew wants the name to remain a surprise—will work in the savory café’s monthly theme of healthful living and clean eating via a vegan menu. The series aligns with Dovecote’s core mission: “We are all about community and supporting each other—really helping each other grow to the fullest potential,” says Pew.

Dovecote Cafe

2501 Madison Ave. #1f







This article appears in the May/June 2016 issue of STYLE.

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