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In a world that is constantly being rocked with painful events, it’s more important than ever to be kind to and gentle with your body, mind, spirit and, of course, your fellow beings. That’s why I decided to begin this new column. We’re all in this heartbreaking, joyful, angry, confusing, ugly, raw, fast, funny, flaky reality together…so what can we do to make the day-to-day, the minute-to-minute, a little slower and more enjoyable?

Check back monthly for my  favorite ways to feed your body, mind, spirit and community.

F E E D  Y O U R   B O D Y

You know what’s nice? A little lemon in your water. Lemon skin and juice and pulp have mega benefits—especially the citrus’ ability to move cleanly through and calm the digestive system, to brighten skin and to pick up your mood. Oh, and lemons are cheap! You can pick up a lemon from Aldi for 76 cents, and one wedge is all you need for a few glasses of water. Honestly, it just feels good to squeeze things, too. Think of the little fruit like a mini stress ball.

F E E D  Y O U R   S O U L

I know you’re sick of hearing how good yoga is for you. But loves, it’s really good for you. I’m talking transformative. If you’re a newbie, I recommend Yoga with Adriene. Her YouTube videos range from 2 minutes to 60 minutes and are accessible to most anyone, anywhere—I’ve even stood in my cubicle in a pencil skirt doing some of her stretching videos. Adriene has yoga for anxiety, yoga for wrist pain, yoga with simple mantras, yoga for your feet…. Oh, and did I mention SHE’S THE CUTEST HUMAN BEING ON EARTH?! You’ll be chuckling and blissing out in minutes.

Not into the yoga thing? Try this simple exercise: Drop your chin down toward your chest. Now gently roll your head over to the right side, pausing at any spots that feel extra tight. Then roll back to the middle, and do the same toward your left side. Roll back and forth six times, while breathing deeply and slowly. Feeling better yet?

F E E D  Y O U R   S W A G G E R 

Do you wear navy every day? Do you avoid orange because you think it’s terrible with your skin tone? It’s time to forget those wardrobe rules. Next time you’re getting dressed, instead of slipping into another navy t-shirt, reach for a blazer or cool sweater that you never wear because you’re not sure about the color on you, the fit or the pattern. Maybe it’s something that was gifted to you that you never exchanged, or maybe it was a wild thrift store purchase that you shook your head at a month later. Whatever it is, wear it! Break away from that navy t-shirt (obviously navy and I need to sit down and work out our issues), and try something new. Maybe it will influence other decisions you make that day, maybe not—but it’s the change that counts. To be honest, nothing spectacular happened when I recently wore my red wrap with the fringe to work, but I did take a great selfie.

swagger selfie

F E E D  O T H E R S

Listen, I know how hard listening can be—my mind loves to drive me crazy with ego, anxiety, judgments, etc.—but I also know how rewarding listening can be. I challenge you to intentionally, fully listen to someone who is talking to you. Maybe they are telling you a joke or maybe they’re telling you about a hardship. Make eye contact (if possible) and just listen.


I’d like to end each column with some of my favorite words of wisdom, all from people I’ve run into in the past month. To kick off, I quote the woman who runs a sexual assault support program at my place of work. She told a group of us to “trust your gut.” So, in gut we trust.

Take good (self) care,


Please email me freely at [email protected]. I’d love to receive your suggestions, comments, and/or questions.

Image courtesy of Adriene Mishler’s Instagram.
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