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“For me, it’s all about creating an environment that blurs the lines between exterior and interior,” says filmmaker Hilton Carter of his verdant Hampden loft. The airy apartment is home to more than 120 plants of all species, sourced from the various places Carter has called home: L.A., New Orleans and now Baltimore.

Though the greenery takes center stage, Carter’s curatorial aesthetic extends to the space’s eclectic art collection. Much of the work, like his leaf photo and pencil sketch on the interior wall, is his own or that of his girlfriend, Fiona; others, such as the wooden Samurai mask and Dutch ceramic plate, were found at flea markets and consignment shops. The furniture, too, is a mismatched masterpiece.

“A lot of the pieces have been handed down or thrifted from vintage stores,” he says. “But most are leather, wood—things that have texture. When we moved in, we wanted to make things as comfortable as possible so that people felt at home when they visited. I grew up in a home where my grandmother was very picky about what could be touched. Here, nothing’s too precious or valuable.”

Well, except for the plants. Carter spends more than three hours a week watering them and tending to his propagation wall (not pictured), so it’s unsurprising that he’s a little more careful with his fronded friends.

“I’m very picky about them,” he laughs. “I don’t like it when people get too close.”


A look at some of the spectacular species in Carter’s home.

Monstera The large leafy plant (in the foreground), though tropical, is an easily maintained houseplant native to South America.

Kangaroo Fern Unsurprisingly, the fern (to the left side of the window) is native to Australia and features leathery, fast-growing fronds.

Spider Plant Among the most common—and hardy—of houseplants, the spider plant (right of the window) can be found at most hardware stores.

Air Plant  The low-maintenance air plant (center window, in a coconut shell) requires minimal care and does not require sand or soil for rooting.


Where to Find Them

Valley View Farms
11035 York Road

5300 Campbell Blvd.

914 Baltimore Pike
Glen Mills, Pa.


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