Tried and True: B’More Saucy


Charm City loves its condiments. Between an obsession with Old Bay that probably makes us look a bit odd to the outside world to the Camden Yards condiment races (which definitely make us look odd—who else dresses up like relish to go to a baseball game?), there’s no denying we’re a seriously savory town.

So it’s a bit surprising, then, that Baltimore isn’t overrun with craft condiment producers. There’s wonderful Huckle’s sauces, of course, and a smattering of small-batch producers, but not much else to honor our flavor fanaticism.

That is, until B’More Saucy entered the ring. The Baltimore-based condiment company was founded in 2016 on the shoulders of its signature Bayside Pepper Sauce and has since expanded to three products: the pepper sauce, Little Pearl Hot Sauce and its newest addition, Bayside Seasoning.

The new offering is nothing short of delectable. While we worried it might simply attempt to recreate the Old Bay experience, the dry rub is a product all its own. Made for use on all sorts of seafood, meats and more, the Bayside Seasoning tastes precisely like the smell of steamed shrimp—that classic Chesapeake Bay flavor, with the tang of a sour vinegar/beer base, a savory, peppery richness, and a kick of heat. In short, it’s Maryland flavor distilled into a bottle emblazoned with—what else?—the Bay Bridge.

I tried it on chicken, having (to my horror) recently developed a seafood allergy, and think my next project will be flavoring French fries. The flavor profile itself is worth the investment—and despite the nice-sized 8.5-oz container of the savory spice, a little goes a long way.

In short, give B’More Saucy’s latest a try. (And by the way, if you haven’t yet sampled the Pepper Sauce, you need to. It’s seriously tasty.)

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  1. Couldn’t B’More in live with all things B’More Saucy! Excited to try the new seasoning as grill season is right around the corner! Delicious products and ALWAYS going to support a local!


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