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What’s really popular at Radcliffe right now?

Casual chic. If you can use the same serving pieces for a fancy cocktail party on a Saturday night and again on Sunday for football game appetizers, that’s hot.

In terms of china, how do you pick a pattern you’ll still want to pull out (and hand-wash) in 20 years?

Luckily a lot of china is now dishwasher safe on a gentle cycle, but don’t let that sway your fine china decision. Go for something that is a reflection of your personality as a couple. If you are lucky and are inheriting your mother’s dishes, maybe choose an accent plate to modernize it.

Conventional wisdom says pick white dinner plates. Agree?

I think the white dinner plate has a time and a place, but so does something colorful and whimsical. Mix it up, have fun. If you do go with white, putting some sexy roses in a stunning vase as a centerpiece will give a different vibe. Or add in a floral salad plate to make things pop.

How about glasses and flatware? What’s cool?

Stainless steel flatware is hot right now. Most companies make a great high-end product that is affordable, dishwasher safe and non-tarnishing. Besides, the price of sterling is through the roof, and no one in our generation wants to polish anything! As far as crystal stemware, get what you like to drink out of and won’t freak out if you accidentally break.

Are cocktail party essentials a big interest?

Absolutely. Barware, chip and dip servers, appetizer plates! If it’s going to make your stuffed mushrooms look good and your cheese plate shine, then it’s an essential. It’s all about the presentation.

What’s a common registry mistake?

Be practical and think of your life 10 years down the road when you are in charge of the holiday dinner table.

Any out-of-the-box items couples don’t think to add?

Cooking classes! They are fun, romantic, practical and something a couple can do together.

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