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Dave Troy

Dave Troy
CEO and co-founder of 410 Labs, TEDx curator, and recipient of the world’s best text message: “Dave Troy lassos stork” (when his wife informed him she was pregnant).

Will technology save or ruin our civilization?
The fact that Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey has been named by ISIS as a target suggests that these tools are very powerful. I think we’re just starting to get a sense for how [impactful] technology will be in reshaping society. I’m optimistic about the future. Favorite app: Hotel Tonight. Being able to get a room in Manhattan on a moment’s notice is really freeing.

Shervonne Cherry

Shervonne Cherry
Program Manager at DreamIt Health, foodie, fashionista, political nerd, startup advocate.

How do you chill out? Once a month I go digital-free: no Twitter, no TV, no laptop. These offline weekends allow me to mentally recharge without interruption. I get reacquainted with my non-tech loves like painting, reading and biking. Fave tech feature: The “Undo Send” option in Gmail. Social media mantra: Don’t feed the trolls. Social media is a great communication platform, but for the sake of your own sanity sometimes it’s best just not to respond to comment bait.

Ethan Giffin

Ethan Giffin
CEO and founder of Groove Commerce, who cringes when adults use text slang and combats tech exhaustion by traveling to beaches where English isn’t the first language spoken.

Advice for managing phone addiction: I think hypnosis may be the only answer. Techie pet peeve: A salesperson not respecting my “Out of Office” message during my wedding, then calling my cell that same day. Clearly, he didn’t get the sale. Example of whether technology is good vs. evil. The poo emoji. Why did they put that power in front of me?

Jacqueline Albright

Jacqueline Albright
Community and Program Manager at ETC Baltimore and Loyola University alum.

Productivity survival tip: If it’s something you can do in under three minutes, like respond to an email with prepped materials or send a tweet, do it while it’s in front of you. That will cut down on some of the backlog through the day. I also love to schedule out. I will spend 30 to 40 minutes a day getting posts ready to deploy. Favorite app: Bodeefit! It gives you short, intense work- outs you can do anywhere, just using your body weight. They’re always a challenge.

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