Savvy’s Guide to Star Wars

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“© Hunter

“The Force Awakens” has floated in the cultural ether in some form or fashion since 2012 when Walt Disney officially bought Lucasfilm and consequently the entire Star Wars franchise. Let’s fast forward to 2015: Darth Vader lurks in the Disney parks and tickets for the newest installment have been sold out all over the region for weeks if not months. Say you’re the fan who remembers the big 2012 October announcement. You saw the op-eds and articles debating the cast choices, and maybe you even saw the extensive Vanity Fair issue detailing the film. You watched the trailers as they came out and you told yourself, “I’m definitely going on opening weekend.” Yet, here you are: no tickets, no outfit idea and no plan. Never fear! In this special edition of Savvy Shopper, our gal has your back. Find out how you can still catch the movie opening night, what to expect and of course what to wear, courtesy of S.

I want to go opening day!

This is the 21st century, when there’s IMAX and 3D and even IMAX 3D outside of museums. The major megaplex theaters like Cinemark in Towson and AMC in White Marsh are mostly out for opening day (unless you don’t mind screening the flick at 1:45 a.m. at White Marsh). If you can sacrifice IMAX and 3D, Harbor East Landmark offers an 8:30 p.m. showing, the Senator has a 10:30 p.m. showing and White Marsh features plenty of available times for the RealD showings.

What should I wear?

Costumes, masks and helmets are prohibited since the Aurora, Colo. shooting summer of 2012. With a little creativity you can still manage to dress fanatically—and fantastically. For a chic look you could don say, these leggings or these under a dress, skirt or with a baggy sweater. If you want to dress more like a favorite character, there are tons of ideas. When you combine khaki pants with a white shirt and add a belt, you become Luke Skywalker. A black vest over a white shirt with dark pants or denim and—boom—you are Han Solo. For a subtle nod to Leia, throw on a pair of earmuffs or mold your hair into her signature brunette Cinnabuns. Of course, the simplicity of a classic Star Wars t-shirt never fails.

I haven’t attended a major release like this in a while, so what should I expect?

As the widely accepted rule with any huge blockbuster release, arrive at least a half-hour ahead of your movie time. There will be lines, lots of people and boosted security. Come prepared with tickets printed or otherwise procured and/or your apps ready. In lieu of recent events, mind your p’s and q’s, but have as much fun as is humanly possible.


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