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While some like to blame our country’s economic challenges on mortgage-backed securities, Savvy actually thinks Dockers are the culprit: Ever since businesses allowed every day to be Casual Friday, things have just gone to hell in a handbasket. And she’s quite sure Christopher Schafer would agree. London-trained tailor Schafer is creating bespoke suiting for Baltimore’s best athletes, attorneys and bankers. While some people equate custom with spending a lot, Schafer knows that a perfect fit is more important than the priciest fabric. His suits are surprisingly affordable for the amount of detail and thought he puts in. “The first thing I do is sit down with my clients and find out what they want the clothes to do for them. Where are they going to wear them? What do they want the clothes to say? That all plays into the final design.” Christopher Schafer Clothier also does shirts, ties and a women’s collection as well. Sav, who is constantly tortured by her shirttails coming out every time she moves, can’t wait for her first perfect white blouse. She wants it to say, “I will actually stay tucked in for once…” 1400 Aliceanna St. (by appointment only), 410-404-5131

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