Savvy Shopper: May and June


Looking Good
Contributing beauty editor Owen O’Donnell has long had his go-to makeup products, favoring the sorts of things that “aren’t super trendy and look good on everyone.” Gifted with a good eye, he’s now taken the next step: Cultivating his picks into a line of signature pieces called Owen Michael Cosmetics. The collection will feature all of the beauty basics, from blush and bronzer to gel liner and gloss — plus Savvy’s personal favorites, Baltimore- branded lipsticks like “Fells Point Fog,” a purplish “Nevermore” and even “Hilda,” named after O’Donnell’s beehive-sporting, classically Charm City grandmother from whom he inherited his fascination with all things beauty. “I didn’t want to just pick stuff,” he says. “I wanted it to be a working artist kit for my essentials, geared toward makeup artists, but that anyone could use. It’s edited down to be just what you need. There’s not a lot of confusion. ” Available at boutiques throughout MD, DC and PA and at

Built to Last
Baltimore has been experiencing a co-working boom of late, bringing with it a newfound influx of creative collaboration between the city’s independent makers. But when architects Megan Elcrat and her husband, Philip Jones, co-founded the makerspace Co_Lab in Station North, they knew they wanted to take things a step further. Enter Co_Lab Books, the small-but-stylish architecture and design bookshop that now fronts the space. Open to the public, the bookstore is home to texts for all skill levels, from beautiful art books to a beginner’s guide to hand-lettering to detailed process books for professionals (not to mention the mind-boosting books and games in the children’s section). Savvy might just take up a trade after all. 2209 Maryland Ave. 410-696-3321.


Old is New
Savvy has always had a complicated relationship with vintage (unique, well-made clothes = major score; pre-worn as a concept = minorly skeevy). But when she learned of Shmatta, a new vintage store opening in Cross Keys Village, she was intrigued. CK, after all, tends to favor an older shopper, while vintage usually appeals to a younger set. But owner Natasha Yaeger says “fierce, fabulous older women” have been some of the best customers in her small-but-mighty outfit, which boasts beautiful, timeless pieces from the early aughts and before, as well as shoes, accessories and soon a smattering of housewares, locally made art and self-care products. The clothes aren’t all designer duds, though Savvy spotted some pieces from DKNY and Bergdorf’s on the shelves. “I just look for special things,” Yaeger says. 62 Village Square.  410-989-6904.

Trend Piece
While Savvy loved being a sorority girl, she wasn’t so fond of sharing space with a whole horde of her fellow coeds. If only Campus Canopies, the oh-so-clever invention from Roland Park mompreneur Debra Williams, had existed at the time. Conceived by Williams when her oldest went to boarding school and perfected when her youngest went to college, the canopies consist of a lightweight metal structure and blackout fabric panels, offering privacy (and peacekeeping) in an otherwise itty-bitty dorm room. “You can have a fantastic roommate, but hate the fact that you see the glare from her laptop screen at 3 a.m.,” Williams says, laughing. She’s currently showing her product on campuses across the country and working on new adaptations. 410-941-9343.

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