Earth AlleyLike all good world citizens, Savvy has decided to become more socially responsible. No, darlings, that doesn’t mean that she’s making more of an effort to attend cocktail parties given by well-meaning bores, forgoing her habit of outrageously tipping valets so she doesn’t have to wait for her car at parties or buying tables at benefits she’d rather not attend (OK, she really isn’t out of town, but donations still count, thank you very much). No, Savvy has decided that she’s going to do her part by heading to Earth Alley and supporting owner Eva Khoury’s mission. It isn’t every woman who dreams of a shop devoted to goods that “support international crafters with a living wage” plus “works by local artisans that incorporate sustainable practices” and “anything else that has a love for the earth.” So what will you find? Accessories for you and your home that could be crafted from refurbished materials found in Baltimore or made by a women’s cooperative in South Africa. Thankfully, Eva made sure that all this responsibility is also fun and chic. Though she’s not exactly ready to hang up the wind chimes, Savvy is all for doing good while looking good. Don’t miss: The metal carvings from Haiti (the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere), made from reused steel drums. 3602 Elm Ave., Hampden, 410-366-2110

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