Dogma Pet StoreThese days, stores for pampered pets are springing up faster than Savvy’s adorable Sam and Hammy when they hear the catnip lid open. While Sav initially greeted the news of Dogma with the blasé indifference her cats usually register upon her arrival home (oh, you again?), she couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised. The store is simply genius wrapped up in a Pucci-inspired print doggy puffer vest (from a company called Pet Snobs, natch). Dogma stocks holistic and natural pet foods (including Wellness and Nature’s Variety), collars and leads for every pet— preppy or punky— and no-need-to-stash-them bowls (the modern scoop bowls from Wetnoz are both functional and design-smart). There are tons of amusing toys and fabulous clothing (what classic canine shouldn’t have cashmere?), therapeutic grooming products (try Shea Pets for pets with problem skin), even stylish mock-me-if- you-must-but-they-are-my-babies photo frames, artwork and home accessories. You can even give Spot a bath at one of the self-serve dog-wash stations, leaving that five-figure bathtub of yours forever free of hair clogs. Don’t miss: The dog beds. The selection is outstanding— modern graphics, lovely toiles, smart canvas. You will find one you love here. The Shops at Brewer’s Hill, 3600 Boston St., #20, 410-276-3410

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