Renaissance Fine Arts


In all her years of shopping, Savvy admits she had never ventured into Pikesville’s Renaissance Fine Arts before. But recently, the gallery has taken wing in a location a little closer to home. A separate, pop-up shop just appeared in the Village of Cross Keys, and a more splendid, airy space you won’t find: 4,500 square feet in the location formerly anchored by Gore Dean furnishings. The Cross Keys location gives you a taste of what’s available in Pikesville, including edgy abstracts and traditional florals. Whether it’s sculpture by Larry Schueckler, landscapes by Eric Abrecht and Dennis Sheehan, still lifes by Alice Pritchard and Vitali Miagkov or original works by Picasso, Warhol and Motherwell, you can find it all here. Open through February only. Village of Cross Keys, 410-484-8900

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