Makes one
block of floral foam
floral tape
3 packages of oregano sprigs
Styrofoam cone to use as top
3 containers of ripe, clean kumquats

Anchor the floral foam inside an urn or heavy base and secure with floral tape. On top of the foam, rim the urn with oregano sprigs so that they fan out over the edge with the woodsy stems on the inside. Place 3 or 4 toothpicks into the top of the foam and push the Styrofoam cone into the toothpicks. Place a toothpick into each Kumquat (stem end) and begin circling the Styrofoam cone with them, working upward from the bottom until completely covered. At the top, place last Kumquat pointing straight up. Place the chocolate sauce next to the topiary for dipping.

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