Quick Drip This new therapy sends a jolt of vitamins


The bright yellow concoction dripping into my veins looked startlingly like lemon-lime Kool-Aid, I realized as I sat relaxing on a cozy recliner. Oh, don’t worry, readers.

While I do some strange things in my quests to try the latest and greatest in beauty treatments, I haven’t resorted to injecting seriously questionable substances into my body just yet.

Here’s what happened instead: I checked into the Art of Balance Wellness spa in Baltimore to receive IV therapy.

One typically thinks of intravenous therapy as being a standard part of hospital treatment; a needle is inserted into the vein and the body is rehydrated with fluids. Outside a hospital, it was touted pre-COVID-19 as a hangover cure in party cities such as Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

It’s also an option for people with migraines, chronic fatigue, jet lag and fibromyalgia as well as those who want a nutritional, athletic, beauty or pure immunity boost.

That was what made me curious. Before my treatment, I sat down with the owners of Art of Balance,  plastic surgeon Nia Banks and internal medicine specialist and psychiatrist Aderonke Omotade, who broke down the procedure’s benefits for me.

“This is medical treatment, but it’s for a wide range of people. For those who are running marathons and who are working out regularly and want to make sure that they stay hydrated and are performing at their peak, this is a good treatment,” Omotade says. “It’s also great for people who are suffering from a cold or illness or migraines. We have a range of medical reasons for why people get it. And, a nurse is always on standby to check your vitals before and after treatment and to make sure that you are feeling comfortable.”

You may also feel the effects faster with this method than you would with vitamins in supplement form, she adds.

I decided to try the beauty drip, which had a key set of vitamins to help revitalize skin, hair and nails. My treatment was loaded with IV fluids, electrolytes, B-complex vitamins, Vitamin C,  glutathione and biotin, to name a few.

Those vitamins combined boost collagen production, helping to minimize any fine lines and wrinkles while also decreasing free radicals in the body, among other benefits. To put it simply, this IV drip is meant to help you “glow from within.”

After my rejuvenation infusion, I felt stress-free, invigorated and ready to take on the day. My sleep that night was deeper than normal, and I felt more energetic than usual the next day.

Coworkers even complimented me, saying my skin was glowing.

During the session, I also had the chance to experience halotherapy, as the treatments are frequently offered together at the spa. This form of salt therapy is essentially an alternative treatment that involves breathing salty air.

“It’s supposed to be relaxing and is helpful for anti-inflammatory purposes. So if someone has a cold or they’ve got upper respiratory issues, like asthma or allergies, this is a very helpful service,” Omotade says. “We’ve found that even people with skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema can benefit from these treatments.”

Overall, both treatments provided such a boost of energy and praise that it has made me excited to make this a regular part of my beauty routine.

IV therapy can take up to 45 minutes to administer and pricing ranges from $140 to $200 per session at the spa.

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