Preview: Gordon Ramsay Steak Baltimore Spoiler alert: It's one tasty British invasion.


Yesterday afternoon, STYLE had the opportunity to attend a preview/tasting at Gordon Ramsay’s new (and, as yet, only) East Coast venture: Gordon Ramsay Steak Baltimore at the Horseshoe Casino. This was already pretty exciting–who doesn’t love a tasting?–but made all the more so with the announcement that Ramsay himself was going to be there.

When I arrived, a digital portrait of Ramsay got us all fired up (pun intended), and after checking in, my fellow writers/influencers/photographers/TV personalities were led into Steak. The restaurant was interestingly lit, with a large square bar and a long dining room, but in all honesty, we were barely taking in the decor. More interesting by far was the food set up at a tall table in the room, carefully laid out on bright white plates and looking positively tantalizing. As the room was filled with members of the media and other social media mavens, we couldn’t help but to descend upon it, all but elbowing each other out of the way for the best iPhone shot.

Our fervent photography soon led to the discovery of even more succulent subjects: the cocktails lining the bar. The Bee’s Bollocks, a take on the popular Bee’s Knees cocktail, looked particularly delicious (albeit oddly named). We all milled about for a bit, snapping photos of this and that while anxiously awaiting the main event.

After a few minutes, Ramsay arrived. It was surreal; after years of watching him shouting at contestants on MasterChef and Hell’s Kitchen, here he was, smiling and joking with the crowd like a favorite uncle. He spoke about his reasons for opening in Baltimore, citing his positive relationship with Caesars Entertainment (the casino conglomerate that owns Horseshoe and casinos around the country) and the proliferation of fresh local ingredients in Charm City.

He then went through the dishes we had so thoroughly photographed: red wine demi-glaced Beef Wellington, American Rib Cap steak, a beautiful sea bass and, of course, a crabcake, among a few other morsels. It was all exquisite; despite a personal aversion to beef, I couldn’t help but to cave as the rib cap melted in my mouth–and, I should note, the crabcake more than did its location justice.

In short? Despite high-ish prices and its inconvenient location for the non-gambler, Gordon Ramsay’s newest is well worth it.


P.S. He’s really nice. I know, I couldn’t believe it either.

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