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While newcomers might confuse her restaurant for a brand of Belgian-style wheat beer, owner Sarah Simington is quick to set them straight. “We were here first man, we were here first,” she says of the 35-seat Blue Moon in Fells Point, known for its 24-hour hangover-friendly breakfast menu. Simington opened the spot with her mother, Sherri (“a restaurant girl through and through”), who moved to Fells Point from California to help a friend through a rough spot and fell in love with the city. Sarah, who was “living the grunge scene in Cali,” decided to drop everything and join her mom.

The Fed Hill crew at Blue Moon Too
The Fed Hill crew at Blue Moon Too

As the Aliceanna Street hotspot, thrice featured on the Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives,” hits the big 2-0, Simington has just opened a second location—Blue Moon Too—in Federal Hill, with double the seats and a kitchen large enough for catering.

Food. Blue Moon is best known for its “badass breakfast,” as Simington calls it, including over-the-top Cap’n Crunch French toast—thick slices encrusted with sweet breakfast cereal, piled with whipped cream and fresh fruit—and yeasty, oversized cinnamon rolls dripping with warm icing. The aptly named Sweet Baby Jesus is a plate of hash browns heaped with melted cheese, crabmeat and runny eggs topped with Hollandaise. But Simington doesn’t want to scare people away. “We have egg white omelets—and I buy tons of fresh fruits and vegetables every week.”

Comfort coffee
Comfort coffee

Decor. “I love Halloween; I’m a little Witchiepoo,” says Simington of the eclectic décor, which includes a variety of chandeliers, from crystal to chain mail, midnight blue floors and a waiting area decoupaged with maps of lunar landings. Walls and ceilings are hand-painted sky-blue and black stripes, and the wood and marble furniture includes a Simington-designed “Murphy” table that drops down from the wall, suspended by chains.

Location. With lines out the door (and an hour or so wait) for weekend brunch in Fells, Simington knew it was time to open a new location. “By bringing dense, caloric breakfast to a whole new crowd, I’m doing a public service,” she notes with a laugh.

Cap’n Crunch French Toast
Cap’n Crunch French Toast

The new restaurant is beneath Charm City Yoga’s Federal Hill studio. Despite her reputation for high-sugar, high-carb menu items, Simington insists she’s going to cater to the type-A yogis with a new menu of fresh fruit smoothies; plus, an espresso bar.

“My demographic is wide open,” she says. “Children love coming here—they can have breakfast for dinner. We can also host a lot of birthday parties.” And the place is a respite for workers from local restaurants getting off their shifts.

Owner Sarah Simington at the counter
Owner Sarah Simington at the counter

Future. Although it took 19 years for Simington to undertake a second location, she has an inkling about what the future holds. “I have a feeling brunch weddings will be the new big thing, and we’ll be able to cater to those. I’ve already done a cinnamon roll wedding cake.”

Blue Moon Too
1024 Light Street

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