New Gallery Opens in Station North The Hancock Solar Gallery will be curated by Jordan Faye Block.

A piece by Lee Nowell-Wilson.

Connected. Tangled. Intimate. Delectable.

It might sound a little like an ad in the classifieds, but the four-word-title actually describes the debut exhibition of the new Hancock Solar Gallery in Station North’s Nelson Kohl building. Curated by gallerist Jordan Faye Block, a resident in the building, the show “embodies ideas about connection, how people are intertwined, how their stories are interrelated and crisscrossed.”

Featured artists include Lawrence Cromwell, Lori Larusso, Jenee Mateer, Lee Nowell-Wilson—and, for the first time in an exhibit she’s coordinated, Block herself.

“This is the first time it’s been a gallery without my name on it, so I figured why not? But I love helping emerging artists sell their work,” says Block. “I’ve run galleries since I was 20.”

Though her Jordan Faye Contemporary closed in 2017, she now runs Thrive Atelier, an events and wellness space, and will serve as curator for all Hancock Solar exhibitions. In the next few months, she plans to do solo shows with some of the artists featured in the group exhibition.

“I’m definitely selecting artists that in a way show highlights of what’s to come in the solo exhibitions,” she says.

The exhibition was made possible through Paul Hancock & Patricia Solar, who founded the gallery and for whom it is named.

“These five artists come together to bring us a connected look at our lives, the everyday, the complex and the vast,” she writes in a press release for the show. “Connections are really what tie us together. People’s lives are intertwined and tangled. We share intimate moments with one another. That’s what the work in this show is all about. “

The debut exhibition will open May 18, with an opening reception from 6 – 9 p.m., and run until June 3.

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