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Written by fellow intern Isabel B.

Ana Hart laughs a little when asked about her past jobs—there’s just been too many to count. She reels off a couple that show her range, from working in a rock club to making gelato. These days, she’s finishing up an undergrad degree in creative writing at UB and making her first foray into magazine journalism with an internship here at STYLE.

Writing has been perhaps her most rewarding work. She isn’t certain where her pursuit of it will take her, but she describes her time spent workshopping stories in class and writing short fiction and memoir pieces as a most fulfilling frustration:“It’s by no means a relaxing activity, but I feel better, like I’ve gotten something out, after doing it.”

In addition to writing, she harbors a passion for an eclectic range of movies, “horror, old classics, funny b-movies” that she can’t narrow down any further than a fondness for those that tread on the weird side (her most recent love was the exuberantly oddball Swiss Army Man).

Born and raised in Serbia, Ana moved to the States to study as an exchange student for her last year of high school. She quickly moved on from the small, rural Kentucky town where she’d been placed, coming out to the East Coast and eventually making a home for herself in Baltimore with her chef husband. While she has a clear affection for Baltimore, where she’s made herself a tight circle of friends during her 12 years of living here, the familiarity of the city has rendered it almost too small, and she sees herself moving on in the future. She’s not sure where she wants to end up; either a culturally rich big city environment or some place surrounded by nature in the middle of nowhere would make her happy. One thing she’s sure of? She’s not interested in settling for the middle ground. “A suburban setting doesn’t suit my fancy,” she smiles.

Image courtesy of The Senator Theatre Instagram.


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