Irish Eyes Celtic Woman comes to Baltimore on none other than St. Patrick's Day.


Baltimore must be one lucky city. Of the multi-month, multi-city “Homecoming” tour from Irish musical group Celtic Woman, we just so happened to have the show that lands directly on St. Patrick’s Day.

In advance of that fortuitous day, we chatted Tara McNeill, an Irish native and Celtic Woman violinist, pianist and singer.

Why is the tour called “Homecoming”?
We are traveling with Celtic Woman for most of the year, so when we filmed our new special in Dublin, Ireland, it was a very special night. We were performing for family and friends and it felt like we were coming home, hence the name ‘Homecoming.’ America is like our second home so we’re bringing it home here too!

What sets it apart from other Celtic Woman shows? What’s new and different?
In this show, there are several brand-new songs and arrangements, never heard before. There are a couple of great group numbers when we have everyone on stage together with lots of instruments, which creates such an amazing energy.

What can audiences expect?
Our show incorporates many different musical styles, so there is something for everyone, no matter what your taste or your age. We have traditional Irish music, classical music and musical theater all fused together to make our unique Celtic Woman experience. You’ll be clapping one minute and transported back to Ireland the next.

What is it like to be part of the Celtic Woman legacy?
It is incredible to be part of such a legacy! I had admired the group for years before I joined and had always hoped that some day I would be part of it. So it’s an absolute joy to be up on stage as a Celtic Woman every night. But there’s also a responsibility to keep the group growing and evolving to keep the legacy alive another 13 years.

Baltimore is the St. Patrick’s day show. Is there anything particularly special about performing on that night?
St Patrick’s day is always a very special night to perform in the States. The whole country celebrates its rich Irish heritage and there’s an especially good atmosphere on that night. We’re very excited about being in Baltimore for St. Patrick’s day and hope to see lots of green out in the audience!

What is most exciting to you about the new album? 
I love our new album. It was recorded live from our show in the 3 Arena in Dublin. You can really hear the energy from all of us up on stage. We had lots of family and friends there, which meant the adrenaline was flowing, and the fact that we were recording the show for our new DVD and CD meant that we were giving it our all. It has resulted in a live album we’re very proud of, and we can’t wait to bring this new live show across the world.

Anything else you want people to know?
We’re all on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Celtic Woman will perform at the Hippodrome on March 17 at 7:30 p.m.

Tara McNeill is a violinist, singer and harpist from Antrim, Ireland. In August 2016, Tara became the newest member of the Irish Music Sensation ‘Celtic Woman.’ She is only the second violinist to ever join the group and she is the first multi- instrumentalist with the addition of harp and voice. She has toured all over the world as part of various musical groups and has won many awards, including the prestigious Young Instrumentalist Award. 

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