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A note to the needle-shy: The Revitalize program at Annapolis’ Sullivan Surgery and Spa is probably not for you. After all, it’s based entirely around intravenous treatment and injections—a total nightmare for the trypanophobic. But for everyone else, the pioneering program is an odd but effective addition to the relaxation repertoire.

How It Works: The “I.V. hydration concierge service” at Sullivan offers multiple infusion packages, each formulated with a combination of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and supplemented by a saltwater suspension. Sign up for Wellness, Anti-Aging, Immune Boost or Sports Recovery (or the slyly promoted Ultimate Hangover Cure), then choose from a menu of add-ons including oxygen therapy, B-12 injection and anti-inflammatory Toradol, among others.

I got the standard Wellness infusion (no add-ons), meant to boost energy levels and “overall health” with the help of vitamin C, B complex and folic acid. As the nurses prepped me for my I.V., I was a bit unsure, but I needn’t have worried. The process was much like donating blood: a swab of iodine, a needle prick and you’re off.

What I Love:  The Sullivan staff was friendly and professional, and I felt I was in good hands as the infusion began to flow for the requisite hour. Admittedly, I didn’t feel much different immediately following the procedure … but by 3 p.m., when I’d normally be dragging at my desk, I felt energized and—for lack of a better word—well, and I awoke the next morning feeling more refreshed than usual. The treatment is relatively inexpensive, too, at $150 to $250 per session.

What I Don’t: I could physically feel the infusion as it made its way through my body. And the package’s effects did seem a bit short-lived. But were I in need of a speedy solution to dehydration or, ahem, overindulgence, I’d be happy to get hooked up again.

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