How Do You…? Baltimore is a town full of experts, and we had some questions for them.



Amp Up Your Signature Look
“A lot of people need an update or are stuck in their ways when it comes to fashion,” Pascale Lemaire, stylist at The Artist Agency, says. The key, she says, is to take the things you gravitate toward — say, a certain cut or color of clothing — and build on it. “If you wear all black, make [your look] fresh or special by mixing textures. If you’re wearing a matte blazer, for example, wear leather or velvet underneath. Or if you’re a jeans type of girl, top it with a trendy item like a chunky knit sweater.” Those that aren’t even sure what they want to build on needn’t worry, though. “If you don’t know what you like, you should dress for your body type,” she says. “And even if you go very simple, one fun accessory can change your look, like a statement necklace or a patterned shoe.”

Start an Art Collection
“If you are thinking of starting an art collection, give yourself three to six months before making your first purchase. Don’t rush it and don’t let others rush you. Start by doing some fieldwork on the galleries, non-profits and artist-run spaces in your city. Go to their openings and stop by during gallery hours to get a sense of the work they represent and if it aligns with your taste, values and budget. I recommend setting aside a monthly allotment (or limit) that you are comfortable spending on art, which you can rollover month-to-month if you don’t make a purchase. It is also important to invest in living artists and a great way to seek out new work is at open studio events, where you can generally meet and talk with the artists whose work you find interesting. And don’t be afraid to ask questions! Ultimately, a successful art purchase is one that affects you on a visceral level. If you find yourself returning to a work, mentally or physically, more than three times — buy it! Once you start a pattern for collecting, you will become more comfortable articulating and understanding the value of art in your daily life.” Jose Ruiz, Director of the MFA Program in Curatorial Practice, Maryland Institute College of Art

Master a HIIT Workout
It might sound like a boxing thing, but HIIT is actually short for High Intensity Interval Training, a new-ish way of exercising proven to be more effective than sustained-pacing workouts like jogging or biking. “The workout is short bursts of faster-paced, more intense work alternated with lower-intensity work,” studio manager Heather Hatfield says of HIIT gym Orangetheory, which recently opened in Harbor East. “By alternating, you burn more calories during and post-workout.” The best part? It’s totally customizable. Hatfield says that beginners can alternate between fast and slow walking at 1-5 minute intervals, while those who are a little more advanced might consider toggling between a sprint and a jog. Browse the web or check out Orangetheory for other variations that emphasize, endurance, strength and power, and other body goals.

Make a Clean House Last Longer
“It’s all about preparation. For example, place a toilet brush behind each toilet in your home. Then go from toilet to toilet with your soap. Within five minutes, all of your toilet bowls are cleaned and clean up for the cleanup is super easy. Another quick tip is to concentrate on the perimeter of a room. Dust, hair and dirt tends to settle in corners or against walls so take a few minutes and your favorite vacuum and address the perimeter of your walls and baseboards.” Sara Bailin, Owner, The Canton Cleaning Co.

Tired African American woman sleeping in bed at home

Stay Asleep
There’s plenty of wisdom out there about falling asleep, but sometimes it seems that all the lavender bed sprays and breathing tricks in the world can’t help you stay asleep. When it comes to minimizing those mid-night wakeups, however, Raya Wehbeh, M.D., director of GBMC’s Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine Practice says it’s less about tips and tricks than finding a root cause. “The most important thing is to make sure that there’s no underlying problem causing you to wake up multiple times a night,” she says. “Pain and breathing problems are some of the most common issues, but some problems are more hidden, like depression or anxiety.” If there’s nothing more serious going on, though, she does have a few tips: Avoid looking at the clock or doing anything you’d do during waking hours, like checking your phone. Make sure you’re not too hot or too cold and that you’re on a comfortable mattress. Feeling tired yet?

Choose a Lipstick Shade
“Your best lip color is one shade darker than the color your lips turn when you bite them. This shade will look good with anything casual or formal and can be easily added to with a lip liner or gloss. Bright red and other strong colors really aren’t anyone’s absolute shade, but a trend color that is your choice — especially if you feel good in it. There is a red out there for everyone if you don’t feel terrified when you put it on.” Owen Michael O’Donnell, Beauty Editor, Baltimore Style Magazine

Apply False Lashes
“The first thing when it comes to false lashes is focusing on quality, not quantity,” says Jessica Lucente, lash expert at About Faces. “You want to get yourself good lashes — Ardell, MAC or Trish McEvoy — and good lash glue (always Duo).” Once you’ve got your lashes, trim them with cuticle scissors to fit to the eye. Then, she says, line the lashes on the waterline and lid before applying. To prepare lashes, apply the glue with a Q-Tip, not the tube itself, for even distribution, then stick them to your lids with eyes open. Use another Q-Tip to push the lashes close to your natural lash line and even things out, let dry, and voila! (P.S. Lucente says that YouTube is an amazing resource for visual learners.)

Make the Perfect Party Punch
“Ratio cocktails are my favorite hack. You go to your liquor cabinet and find a half bottle of this, a bit of that, and what do you do? You build a cocktail off of the ratios. This low-octane punch works so well for an evening with a few friends or a large company party!”

One part Monkey Shoulder whisky
One part prosecco
Two parts sparkling water
Two parts white cranberry juice
Two parts peach black tea

In a punch bowl with a large ice block combine all ingredients aside from the prosecco.  Stir gently to combine.  Add fresh orange garnish and top with prosecco before serving. Ginny Lawhorn, Founder, Baltimore Cocktail Week

Spice Up Your Sex Life
“The best thing you can do is treat your libido like any other muscle that you would work out,” says Baltimore-based sex therapist Kim Yost. “You should be reading sexy things, watching sexy movies, texting hot messages to your partner to keep the ember warm throughout the day…and yes, setting aside time to have sex.” If that seems a little unromantic, get over it — “If you wait for the perfect time for it to be hot and romantic, it’s not going to happen,” she says. And if there’s something you want to broach in the bedroom, like a toy (she recommends the Hitachi magic wand), role play or other sexual activity, Yost says the best thing to do is assume your partner will accept it. “Most people are afraid that their partner is going to judge them or be suspicious,” she says. “But if you go in with the assumption that they will accept it, you can have a much more open approach, helping them understand that you’re looking forward to sharing this together and having more fun and pleasure.”

Change your Career
“Just do it. It’s not scary. It’s the best thing you can do for your life, because we all get stale. I was in public relations for 17 years, and lots of my clients were food clients or organic companies. I left to oversee an apartment building project my ex-husband was renovating. While I was doing that, social media hit big and I missed it. I thought, ‘I can’t go back. I’m no longer an expert.’ I was at a party with some nurses and talking about healthy eating and one of them asked me if I was a dietician. I went home and Googled how to be a dietician and a week later I was enrolled in a program at Morgan State University. My job represents all the things I like to do. Find something you’re passionate about and figure out how to get paid to do it. When you change careers at this age, particularly when there is an education component, you’re a lot more prepared.” Mandy Katz, Dietitian, In-Store Nutritionist, Giant Foods

Talk to Someone Who is Grieving
“I think I would preface this by saying that people either don’t acknowledge the loss or they make it all about the loss. Often they don’t acknowledge the loss, because they think they are doing you a favor. I avoid clichés. (We) Christians are really good at this and it just drives me nuts: ‘Oh, they are in a better place.’ I want to deal with the person who is right across from me. I avoid phrases like ‘You’ll get closure.’ I ask, ‘How are you doing in your grief today?’ Then I leave it open. Everybody has a different grief journey. You show up. You allow for those uncomfortable moments. When I meet with a family to plan a funeral, my number one goal is to help them grieve. It is one of the greatest privileges and joys to be invited into that intimate space.” Mitchel Lee, who recently lost his father. Lead Pastor, Grace Community Church, Fulton

Prevent a Cyber Hack on your Mobile Phone
“Do NOT install random apps that you can’t verify the source of. Pay special attention to ‘wallpaper apps.’ Pay attention to the number of downloads, the comments and if you can, Google search the app name before installing. See any bad stories? Educate your kids on this, too. Encrypt your device if your device supports it. It’s worth the 20 extra minutes required, trust me. Don’t connect to ‘Free WiFi’ without at least a second thought. It’s absurdly easy to setup battery-powered WiFi in a public space to steal personal information. Do not, repeat DO NOT, agree to connect to websites if you see a security warning saying things like ‘unable to verify.’” Mark McLarnon, Chief Technology Officer, CyberPoint International

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