High Fidelity


If the McIntosh MT5 could seduce you, it would sing “Let’s Get it On”—an invitation to place your precious vinyl on the glowing green platter that floats as if by magic, but really magnets (as opposed to ball bearings), which all but eliminates any extraneous noise like low-end rumbles or vibrations from corrupting the audio. Translation: It keeps your music pure as the driven snow.

“It’s uncannily quiet,” says Lee Kirby-Smith, general manager of Gramophone in Columbia—and a longtime fan of McIntosh, which was founded in Silver Spring, Md., in 1949.

This turntable is the total package—complete with platter, Swiss-made motor drive assembly, friction-free tone arm and a high-output moving coil cartridge—all pre-calibrated in the factory for sweet, sweet playback. Plus, it just looks so damn cool.

Priced at $6,500 this bad boy is for the serious enthusiast, but you can check out gateway models starting at about $399 (up to $35k, by the way) at the new “wall of turntables” being built at Gramophone’s Columbia store to accommodate high demand from high-fidelity fans, says Kirby-Smith, who’s currently digging the new Death Cab for Cutie album. (Here at STYLE, we can’t stop listening to “All the Pretty Girls” by Kaleo.) Stop by Gramophone for a special Evolution of Audio event with multiple vendors on May 6 in Timonium and May 7 in Columbia. gramophone.com

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