Grape Expectations This vineyard-born French facial is nothing short of magnifique.


When I first heard of the Caudalie Vinotherapy treatment at About Faces, I was under the impression that it was some sort of “wine facial.” After all, the treatment originated in the Caudalie vineyards of Bordeaux … and with a name like vinotherapy, what could I expect but to be sipping a bold blend while having my face besot with tannins? As it turns out, however, the Vinoperfect Radiance Facial was nothing like my vision—it was much, much meilleur.

THE ETHOS: Caudalie products utilize all parts of the grape (polyphenols and grapeseed oil from seeds, resveratrol from vine stalks, viniferine from vine sap and grape water from the grapes themselves) to lighten dark spots, even skin tone, fade acne scars and reverse sun damage. The line is apparently a favorite among celebrities, too, including natural-beauty goddess Gwyneth Paltrow, and remarkably, Robert De Niro.

THE PROCESS: I was lucky enough to have my own French facialist, the beyond-fabulous Mylene Nine. During the hour-long treatment, she lulled me into Bordeaux bliss with steam, serums, exfoliants and elixirs (as well as—I kid you not—the best hand massage of my life). The products themselves were certainly luxurious, but the experience was next to nirvana. Merci, Mylene!

THE VERDICT: While I didn’t sip on anything stronger than lemon water, I left the spa with super-soft skin aglow and armed with a bunch of beauty knowledge (pun intended). Thanks to the Caudalie team, I soon after received an extremely generous package of products in the mail including a foaming cleanser, brightening toner, complexion-correcting serum, radiance moisturizer, overnight cream, and of course, the signature Beauty Elixir. I’ve been using the collection regularly with incredible results—smooth, even skin, fewer breakouts, lightened acne scars and a generally healthy glow. Tres bien!

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