Eat to Thrive Nutrition expert Katie Sampayo launches her latest in style.


Local nutritionist and author Katie Sampayo will launch the hard-copy version of her educational cookbook, Eat to Thrive, with a special health and wellness expo May 13 at Oliver Brewing Company.

Sampayo, who will be featured in an upcoming issue of STYLE, has dedicated her life to health education and improving the lives of others through nutritional counseling.

“My book is called ‘Eat to Thrive – The Anti-Diet Cookbook.’ That kind of gets the message across,” she says.  “It’s a no-BS guide to nutrition. So I am not using big fancy words that you can’t pronounce, I’m not going super science-y on you, and I’m not going to tell you to eat a certain way. What I am doing with this book is I’m giving you the knowledge to actually understand what is in the foods that you’re eating so that you can eat with an understanding of how your food is going to affect you and your body.”

Her release party/expo will feature samples and prizes from vendors like Oliver Brewing Company, ZenLife Yoga Boutique & Juice Bar, KIND Snacks, Isagenix®, M.Power Yoga Studio and The Royal Metropolitan Group of Keller Williams Legacy Metropolitan, as well as dinner courtesy of Nalley Fresh and gluten-free cupcakes from Flavor Cupcakery.

Tiered tickets options vary from $10-$300—general admission gets free food, a raffle ticket, a goody bag and a beer, with other options including a copy of the book, fitness/nutrition assessments with Sampayo and more.

Get your tickets/more info here.



Image courtesy of Katie Sampayo’s Instagram.
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  1. Can you please elaborate on how this woman is a health “expert?” There are a million and one health care professionals and actual experts in the DMV and surrounding areas and last time I checked, having a “flashy” instagram, throwing fundraisers, and volunteering at local businesses does not qualify you to become a Registered Dietitian or an Exercise Science professional. Did your magazine even ask her for her qualifications before posting this article? What an insult to us doctors, dietitians, and food science professionals. It is illegal in the state of Maryland to counsel and give nutrition education without being an actual professional. Id look into that before I start quoting someone as a “nutritionist.”


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