Designing Baltimore: Vincent Licari Get to know the nine Baltimore fashion designers featured in our upcoming April issue.


Vincent Licari

Vincent Licari has always loved fashion, but he started out behind the camera as a fashion photographer. After seeing his elegant and dramatic pieces, you’ll be glad he made the switch to designing. Licari learned the basics of tailoring from his family, but taught himself a lot more by experimenting with textiles and fabrics, and learning from others. Having already established himself as a designer to watch, Licari now travels between his home here and Paris, where he is continuing his fashion education.

As we’ve done with our other featured designers, we picked Licari’s brain on what moves him. The full fashion feature will be available in our April issue.

Baltimore STYLE: What has your journey as a designer been like?

Vincent Licari: My journey is backwards. I designed first and decided later in life to have formal training. I am in that process now.

STYLE: How would you describe your own personal style/how you dress on a day-to-day basis?

VL: My day to day personal style is casual. Jeans mostly and lots of black unless I’m in a meeting. Otherwise, I love to dress up!

STYLE: Who are some of your favorite designers?

VL: I don’t have favorite designers anymore. I know that must sound odd. Everyone has a special point of view and skill.

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