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For better or (usually) worse, everybody has a tequila story. But this tequila bottle has its own story. The fifth installment of 1800’s Essential Artists series is dedicated to Jean-Michel Basquiat, who cut his teeth as a graffiti artist in Brooklyn in the late ‘70s, palled around (and occasionally collaborated) with Andy Warhol, and exhibited an unrelenting unwillingness to compromise in his work—carving out an entirely individual portion of the neoexpressionist and primitivist movements. We can’t wait to display one of these limited-edition beauties on a bookshelf. But if you want to make like 1800’s celeb spokesman Ray Liotta and actually drink the stuff, the trapezoidal bottle has a top designed to serve as a shot glass, perfect for Cinco de Mayo. $30 at Wells Discount Liquors in Towson.

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