Although I loved fast food hamburgers as a kid, I eventually graduated to grown-up burgers, and my first, a bleuburger, was at Parkville’s Jerry D’s Restaurant & Tavern. Salty, stinky, blue cheese, be it Maytag, Roquefort, or gorgonzola, was made for grilled ground beef, but soppy bleu cheese dressing was not. Use only the real cheese. I’m not fussy about the cut of beef used, but try at least 15 percent fat; it makes a juicier burger. I also like a toasted bun and a tangle of sautéed onions.

1 pound ground beef (a combination of chuck [for fat]  and sirloin [for flavor] is good, if you can find it)
Salt and pepper
¼ pound blue cheese
1 onion, sliced and sautéed in olive oil until golden (optional)

Season beef with salt and pepper and shape into 4 plump patties. Grill until almost desired doneness (I like medium rare). Top with blue cheese and grill for just a minute or 2, just long enough to melt the cheese. Serve on toasted buns with Dijon mustard and sautéed onions, if desired. Makes 4 burgers.

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