Beer, BBQ and a Barnyard Wedding Baltimore-based company Mission BBQ creates a unique wedding experience that guests will never forget.


Most married couples envision their weddings as formal occasions with plated steaks and glasses of Champagne, but Melissa and Alex Demyan wanted a different menu item: barbeque, complete with cornbread, home-style sides and extra napkins to keep the sauce off their fancy attire.

But where to pursue this protein-heavy meal? The Demyans opted for Mission BBQ, a local classic purveying good old-fashioned barbeque, from pulled pork to chicken and beef (as well as staples like baked beans and vegetables and six different sauces for guests of all palates).

Despite its unconventionality, the meal was perfect for the couple’s ceremony vibes. Their outdoor wedding was held at Serra Valley Farms and had a Pinterest-rustic theme, complete with a reception held in a repurposed barn. Adding to the backyard feel was Mission BBQ’s event truck, Bam-Bam, bringing the all-American bash to completeness.

“It couldn’t have been more perfect”, says Melissa who adds that the couple couldn’t have wished for a better menu for “the best day of their lives.”

Even more interesting? The Demyans are not outliers. Many people, especially younger couples, have been opting for alternative catering options as of late–and Mission is a popular choice.

The company began catering weddings almost as soon as it entered the catering market, says Bill Krauss, co-founder.

“The inquiries came to us,” he says, for everything from backyards to barns to banquet halls. He credits the popularity to an increasingly comfortable, casual, and cool wedding culture–especially a favorite among millennials. And why wouldn’t it be? A barbeque wedding runs about $11.99 a person, as opposed to an average of about $40 a plate from traditional caterers.

Mission is currently working on an expansion to Greensboro, North Carolina, which will join its three MD locations. As for expanding the catering biz? Nothing is off-limits, and Krauss says they hope to continue to use their services to give back to the reason behind the business: “our American heroes.”

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