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A Poetic Evening

On July 21, STYLE hosted our first-ever Haiku Happy Hour, a fun night of literature and libations at The Nickel Taphouse. We absolutely loved meeting everyone and reading your wonderful words!

UPDATE: Congratulations to our Haiku contest winner, Judi H.! See her and the rest of the entries below.

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Falling summer rain—

Tiny circles on the pond

Teasing the goldfish.

—Judi H.



Baltimore, for strange

Charm City—nay—weird city

Beloved nonetheless.

  • Hannah M.


To the girl I met

Last night: Can we go find light

Under clear star light?

  • Anonymous


My Bear is my dog

Hiking the trails in the woods

My best friend, my love.

  • Randi S.


Dear Beer, I love you

Happy, Sour, Strong or light

You are always right!

  • Julianne H.


Beekeeper am I

I do not like to get stung

It hurts like a bitch.

  • Anonymous


Late afternoon in

A bed of rumpled daisies

And forbidden musk…

  • Karen Z.


Keep the spirit free

Open your heart to loving thoughts

Act and make it so.

  • JoAnne W.


Happy Hour is from 5 to 7

It’s a license to drink

I’m always at happy hour.

  • Anonymous


Eight-thirty sunset

Mosquitos buzzing in ear

Muggy, sticky night

  • Colleen G.


A light curly breeze

Salty rain-soaked sundresses

Summer gone too soon

  • Keisha R.


I like tasty beer

It should have lots of flavor

I hope it is cheap

  • Will M.


B’more steam arrives

Cat splays out on wooden floor

Moist, wet, sweat. Repeat.

  • Melissa G.


Have no fear, the real

Haiku artists are here. We’re

Ready for our beer.

  • Jess D.


I really love my

Wife because she wrote me this

Poem. Isn’t she cute?

  • Mike M.


I like summertime

Except when it’s too humid.

Then I wish for fall.

  • Marilyn G.


Memorable times,

Cocktails, beer and wine we need

Happy Hour indeed!

  • Karen N.


Oh, look at them clams

Ain’t they weird, some have a shell

And some have a beard.

  • Rob S.


Many shades of green & rippling water

Starry night, I touch the sky

It was nice, goodbye.

  • Ellen S.


The beer is quite good

I enjoy barley and hops

My thirst is now quenched.

  • Matt K.


Cold cold hard as steel

Puppy’s fur soft as velvet

My two worlds collide.

  • Jill O.





  • Anonymous


The Nickel Taphouse

Has perfect syllable count

For my swell haiku.

  • Kimberly U.


Flashbacks of summers

Water gun tucked under arm

Bronzed skin glimmers wet

  • Cija J.


A hot afternoon

When many red roses bloom

Hope rain will come soon.

  • Anonymous



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