Ways to Support Veterans in Baltimore

Veteran's Day
Photo by Wesley Tingey/Unsplash

In the spirit of Veterans Day, you can make a contribution to support veterans in our community, whether that contribution is a gift of money, talent or time.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted many people, but various nonprofit organizations are dedicated to offering ways for people like you to volunteer their time and support in-person and virtual opportunities to benefit veterans in our community.

United Way is one example of an organization that has “worked tirelessly to adapt with daily check-ins, delivering food and supplies, connecting participants to telehealth services and more. It has been an honor to serve the men and women who served our country,” says Miles Logan, Veterans Treatment Court case manager for United Way of Central Maryland.

Local In-Person Opportunities

According to United Way, in-person opportunities include workforce mentoring, a walk-a-mile event and workplace team days. You can still work with veterans to help them develop their career skills.

United Way does much to support veterans, including partnering with 6th Branch, another nonprofit organization, to get veterans active in their communities. United Way and 6th Branch have partnered again to help Oliver Community Farm in Baltimore City.

Local Virtual Volunteering Opportunities

You can show your support for veterans with virtual opportunities. According to Volunteer Maryland, these opportunities include participating in a Thank a Veteran video, Thank a Veteran Notes, support a veteran with clothing and household items, and at-home project choices. More details about the opportunities and registration information are available on the Volunteer Maryland website.

Veterans Affairs located in Loch Raven and Baltimore City needs volunteers, too. Openings are available for more interested participants to support veterans. Veterans Affairs has many open positions not limited to caregiver support, clerical assistant, hospice assistant, escort service and working with individuals as a driver, visitor, greeter and pharmacy aide. Visit maryland.va.gov for the full list of opportunities.

National Nonprofit Virtual Volunteering

While our community nonprofits support veterans in our local area, Operation Gratitude serves individuals nationally. Operation Gratitude puts together care packages through generous donations and the help of willing volunteers to handcraft items. According to the Operation Gratitude website, volunteer services include Handmade with Love, Paracord Bracelets, Letter Writing, Digital Letter Writing, Amazon Smile and Beanie Babies.

With the Veterans Day holiday this week, you can demonstrate your gratitude to veterans for their service by volunteering or contributing in any way you can.

“People have a lot of pride when they join the service. You go through the rigors of basic training, you learn new skills, and you’re part of a ‘family’ that has a common mission. That gives you a sense of self-worth and confidence,” Logan says, recalling the time when he “realized how important it was to bring people back into a tribe. It helps restore pride, honor and a sense of community for those it serves. He believes the “kind of support and the second chance it provides is something these veterans deserve.”

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