Getting Warmer This new nonsurgical procedure is like a facelift for your lady parts.


“It’s not going to make you want to have sex if you don’t want to have sex,” warns Lauri Kane of Dr. Dean Kane Center for Cosmetic Surgery & MediSpa’s newish service, ThermiVa. But if a spring fling or spruced-up sex life is on your to-do list this month, the new radio wave-based treatment can certainly help. According to Lauri’s husband, Dr. Dean Kane, ThermiVa uses “topical heat created by the use of radiofrequency energy” to improve the external appearance of the vulva/vagina, increase sexual sensitivity, induce a tightening effect, relieve minor urinary incontinence and increase natural lubrication. It’s basically a total vagina makeover … but it doesn’t come cheap. A single treatment is $1,500, and a commitment to the recommended three monthly sessions runs at the reduced rate of $3,500. Not bad for luxury lady parts, but here’s the kicker: ThermiVa needs to be performed every nine months to a year. Still seems like a small price to pay for a shiny new sex life? Settle in. Here’s the down-there lowdown.

How it Works: The science is sound—Dr. Kane explains that elevated skin temperature contracts skin and muscle tissue, stimulating collagen and elastin formation and increasing circulation, which helps stimulate sensory nerves and lubrication from the vaginal glands. In short, overall stimulation makes everything work more tightly and smoothly … literally. (Lauri points out that ThermiVa is especially effective for women who have given birth or are in any stage of menopause, but any woman is eligible.)

The Process: After lubing things up with ultrasound gel, the MediSpa’s female nurse inserts a flat probe with a metal disk at its end (which Lauri promises is “no thicker than a tampon”) into the vagina. The nurse monitors the temperature to achieve optimal results, while gently and methodically pressing the wand against the vaginal wall until all areas have been covered. Then it’s time for the fun part: the execution of the same procedure on the external vulva and labia, which Lauri compares to “a warm massage.”  Hmmm …

The Verdict: While no one on the STYLE staff was brave enough to go for a little ThermiVa-voom, Lauri herself has had the procedure and swears by it. “What’s amazing is that it’s instant—I looked better right away,” she says. “And I definitely had changes in sexual sensitivity and experience. The second session increased total benefits from the first session, too.” She added that of the 25 or so women the MediSpa has treated since installing the new ThermiVa machine a year ago, they have received only “extremely positive” reactions and written feedback.

Lessons Learned: It may seem a little scary (or, you know, downright insane) to invite radio waves into your most sensitive areas. But taking a risk to take control of your sex life? Well, that’s hot.

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