Engaged and Ready: Meg & Tyler


For the cover of our  2020 Wedding Issue,  we issued an open call to  Charm City’s engaged,  asking them to tell us their love stories. We chose one couple to be featured on the cover, but the other submissions were too sweet not to share. These precious pairs jog together, travel together and even study together. Read each couple’s unique journey — trust us, they’ll restore your faith in modern love.

Cover Contestants: Meg Blount and Tyler Straumanis

Location: Hanover

Wedding Date: May 29, 2021






If marriage means sticking out the rough patches together, then these high school sweethearts are more than prepared for matrimony.

Meg, 24, and Tyler, 24, met in the second grade but didn’t befriend each other until high school. The two went to junior prom together and spent their senior year madly in love. Even though Meg attended school at the University of Scranton and Tyler went to the Corps of Cadets at Virginia Tech, the couple was happy to make the distance work.

“We never talked about breaking up because we knew our love could survive,” Meg says. “Long-distance was difficult, but our summer breaks spent together were so much sweeter.”

After college, Meg completed a year of service in the Navajo Nation. Tyler, now a civil engineer, encouraged and supported her, and even visited for a weekend. When Meg returned to Maryland to earn her doctorate of physical therapy, the two were finally reunited. Tyler didn’t waste any time before popping the question. The romantic proposal took place on the beach during a kayaking trip.

“While our path hasn’t always been easy, he has been my rock through it all,” Meg says. “We can’t wait to get married and adventure together.”

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